My rehabilitation with moveUP 
A smart and personalised rehabilitation in a proven and responsible way

Fully personalised

The moveUP team, formed of physiotherapists and doctors, follows your evolution on a daily basis.

Your medication and exercises are continuously updated based on your state.

Simple and intuitive

All you have to do is:

  • wear an activity bracelet to keep track of how much you move
  • fill in forms and send messages through our app and
  • send pictures to inform the team of how you feel

In contact with your surgeon.

Your treating surgeon is updated on your evolution through regular reports.

If there is any issue, an appointment is immediately scheduled with him.

Patient journey

Patient journey - circle
Patient journey - ellipse

Discover moveUP

Patient journey - timeline

Patient journey - timeline

moveUP is already used together with these Belgian hospitals

moveUP is already used together with these Belgian hospitals


  • Johan M
    Johan M.

    I want to thank everyone for the excellent guidance and professional way you have supported me! A big “congratulations” to all of you and for this new way of rehabilitation.

  • Catherine K.
    Catherine K.

    “Just before going through my full knee replacement, I was advised to use moveUP to rehab. I couldn't believe how easy and user friendly the system was.”

  • Edgard T.
    Edgard T.

    “People usually say 'no pain, no gain'. That's not true! moveUP proved me that constant and smooth activities can lead to a quick and efficient recovery after a knee surgery.”

  • MD Etienne Willemart
    MD Etienne Willemart
    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Brussels

    “moveUP is a new approach of rehab after TKA and THA. Having a technology allowing interactive and remote monitoring of patients, before and after surgery, is a real added value for both patient and the care team. This solution is a perfect fit for our "one day hip" clinical pathway.

  • Bram te Rijdt
    Bram te Rijdt

    “Using moveUP allows me to constantly monitor the evolution of my patients via a user friendly dashboard. Thanks to the automated patient flagging, I can see who faces issues and intervene, as the case may be.”


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