Data driven & personalized patient journey and recovery

Get better outcome and lower variability for your patients

Reduce unplanned consultations & complications


By a continuous follow-up, coaching and answering your patient’s questions, moveUP will save you time and allow you to focus on patients that need most attention.

Less unplanned visits

Our medical team, consisting of M.D. and specialists, examines pictures of wound and inflammation sent by the patients. In most cases we can directly reassure them. In case of doubt and complication, moveUP directs them to their GP or surgeon. Saving you and your patient valuable time.  

Better results, lower variability

The moveUP team has developed a rehabilitation protocol together with experts, which is safe to use in a home environment, and which reduces the risk of overtraining and of thrombosis/DVT thanks to continuous physical activity monitoring, giving each patient the right exercises at the right time 



CE Medical device

moveUP is a CE class 1 Medical Device. This insures safety and efficacy under the medical device regulation. moveUP is also using a GDPR compliant platform, and deals with great care with patient’s data.  


Patient Reported Outcome Measures are an important assessment on how a patient evolves after the surgery. moveUP collects PROMs pre and post surgery as part of the standard treatment

Full patient journey

moveUP is more than rehabilitation: In order to offer them the best care from the beginning, moveUP already guides the patient before surgery, a phase where their profile is built.

Testimonials from healthcare providers

Hands on experience by healthcare providers

“Using moveUP allows me to constantly monitor the evolution of my patients via a user friendly dashboard. Thanks to the automated patient flagging, I can see who faces issues and intervene, as the case may be.”

Avatar Roel

Bram te Rijdt

Physiotherapist, Belgium

dashboard image

“moveUP is a new approach of rehab after TKA and THA. Having a technology allowing interactive and remote monitoring of patients, before and after surgery, is a real added value for both patient and the care team. This solution is a perfect fit for our "one day hip" clinical pathway. More generally, it complements well all "fast track" THA/TKA programs." 

Avatar EWIL

MD Etienne Willemart

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Brussels

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moveUP cvba was founded in November 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. The services have been developed within a large hospital in Gent, Belgium by orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapist and engineers. Following very positive results and feedback, the decision was taken to make it available worldwide.

moveUP improves health management at different levels. For patients, this means a better recovery and a healthier lifestyle thanks to preventive measures. For medical stakeholders, this means a more efficient health management throughout the patient’s journey.